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The Norstar M7324 Telephone

Meridian Norstar M7324 Highlights

The Meridian Norstar M7324 Telephone is a full featured phone ideal for use as a central answering position because it has 24 programmable buttons that can be individualy programed as line or feature buttons such as Do Not Disturb and Auto Dial numbers lines, features, and autodial numbers. In addition two Central Answering Position (CAP) modules (with 48 buttons per module) can be added to the M7324 phone to cover many lines or to access additional Norstar features. The M7324 phone should be used by anyone in your organization who needs to see the state of many outside lines or extensions.

Meridian Norstar M7324 Features

  • Handsfree/Mute-one-touch handsfree operation with mute capability
  • Built-in speakers-For on-hook dialling, background music, and group listening
  • Volume control bar-Adjusts the ringer, handset, headset, and handsfree volume
  • Programmable buttons-Customisable to fit the user's needs-program as features, lines, or intercoms
  • Memory buttons-Program numbers for one-touch dialling
  • LCD Window-Walks you step-by-step through feature and application usage and displays Calling Line ID information
  • Softkeys-Select an action from the LCD Window
  • Release button
  • Feature button-Accesses BT Meridian Norstar features
  • Quick-reference feature card Lists most frequently used BT Meridian Norstar features and their codes.
  • Intercom-for internal conversations, leaves outside lines free
  • Hold button-Tones or music on hold; periodic reminder tones when a call is holding
  • Call Log-Tracks and records incoming calls