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A single supplier to manage your voice and data network
Converged LAN Services from Armstrong Communication Systems Inc. enable you to combine all communications across a single infrastructure. We deliver a full range of services, including voice and data hardware installation, maintenance and network management. We can provide Local Area Networks (LANs), Wide Area Networks (WANs) and IP telephony, supported by several service options - creating a package tailored to your needs. Reduce costs with converged communications.
Unified Communications
Avaya FlareAvaya Unified Communications solutions enable effective collaboration and communications integration across broad, distributed mobile environments, increase organizations' productivity, and improve customer service.
  • Reply to email with your voice.
  • Turn an IM into a conference call.
  • Answer your desk phone from the airport.No matter how, where, or when you communicate, you'll have seamless access to the same familiar interfaces and corporate resources.
  • Productivity focused.
  • Expand the reach of enterprise applications to campus/mobile environments.
    Anywhere-anytime access to communication and collaboration tools helps companies lower expenses, increase productivity, enhance business continuity, and streamline customer support.
  • Vendor neutral.
  • Unified Communications unifies systems, devices, and applications from multiple vendors.
    Avaya supports open standards and robust interfaces with third-party products, for lower costs and improved flexibility. The core communications platform, Avaya Aura, leverages SIP architecture to simplify networks and connect users at every location regardless of endpoint infrastructure.
  • Reliable and secure.
    Our solutions have been used for years by organizations from small businesses to the Fortune 500. Streamline the management and monitoring of new devices on your network, all while maintaining security and control.
  • Cost effective.
    Take older infrastructure and overlay Avaya Aura, combining several disparate devices/endpoints and instantly making them seamless and ubiquitous across the network.
Converged Network Services
Avaya SR

Converged Network Services offer you the benefits of Internet Protocol (IP) based communications. The service can effectively "voice enable" your LANs and WANs, creating a single platform for carrying voice, data, video and potentially a host of other applications. By combining your communications across a single network, you can:

  • Reduce costs: converging voice and data into a single network can reduce your cabling, network, maintenance and equipment costs.
  • Simplify management: with one supplier providing support - including a single contract, single bill and global service desk - for all your LANs and IP telephony equipment worldwide, service is enhanced and management complexity reduced.
  • Increase operational efficiency: with a secure and reliable infrastructure for all your communications, your business can operate more efficiently.
  • Improve productivity: using a single infrastructure enables shared realtime access to applications, which can enhance employee productivity as your staff can collaborate online wherever they are.
  • Enhance customer service: with a managed infrastructure you can run innovative applications, such as Unified Contact Centre, Unified Messaging and Unified Communications Video, to further enhance your internal and external communications.
  • Maintain core business focus: with Armstrong Communication Systems Inc. managing your network and your site equipment, you are free to concentrate on your core business.
  • Preserve business continuity: relying on our quality of service and service level agreements (SLAs), you can implement convergence while maintaining your critical business applications.
For installation, service and maintenance of Telephone Systems and Local Area Networks in the Metropolitan New York Area you have come to the right place. ACS has provided exemplary service for over a decade. If you are looking to install a new system, or expand an existing system, we provide free consultation to help you find the most appropriate solution for your unique needs. Not only for today but for tomorrow! Our technicians service all types of systems including industry standards listed below.

ipofficeThe Avaya IP Office is at the cutting edge of VOIP and traditional telephony. It is compatible with traditional POTS lines, SIP, T1 and PRI circuits. It is an excellent solution for small to medium sized businesses looking for a simple solution. The IP Office is also perfect for larger multi-site companies looking to keep their employees connected at all times to the business telephone system. Armstrong supports The IP Office 406, 412, 500 and 500 v2. The IP Office 500 r2 is available for implementation today. Click for detailed information on the IP Office, Voicemail Pro, Contact Center and more.

G450The Avaya Aura is the platform of choice for larger, enterprise-level businesses and businesses with multiple sites. The Avaya networked server/gateway architecture allows enterprises to design and administer telephony services for all remote branch office locations from one central location. Armstrong Communication Systems services the G150 G250 G450 G650 G700 and G860 - Click to view specific systems that are available for implementation today.

Avaya Business Communications ManagerFormerly Nortel, now Avaya Business Communications Manager (BCM) is an integrated communications system designed for small and medium-sized businesses and branch offices and is capable of delivering hybrid digital and IP solutions. Business Communications Manager integrates KSU/PBX capabilities, voice over IP (VoIP) gateway functions and Quality of Service (QoS) data routing features in a single system. Click to view specific systems that are available for implementation today.

Cisco Unified Communications 500 SeriesThe Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series for Small Business is a critical part of the Cisco Smart Business Communications System. It is an affordable unified communications appliance that provides voice, data, voicemail, automated attendant, video, security, and wireless capabilities while integrating with existing desktop applications such as calendar, email, and customer relationship management (CRM) programs. The Cisco UC500 series only supports IP phones.Click to view specific systems that are available for implementation today.

  • IP Office
  • Partner, Partner Plus, Partner II, Partner ACS, Partner Mail, Partner Messaging
  • Merlin, Merlin Plus, Merlin Legend, Merlin Magix, Merlin Mail, Merlin Messaging
  • Merlin Magix Voice Mail, Merlin Legend Voice Mail
  • Spirit, Spirit 308, Spirit 616, System 25, System 75
  • Definity, Definity G3, Audix
CISCO ® Smart Business Communications System (SBCS)
  • Routers (Small Business and Enterprise)
  • Switches (Small Business and Enterprise)
  • Wireless Access Points (WAP)
  • UC 500 series telephone system

If you are looking for a new telephone system, you have probably noticed that there are a lot of options out there. Over the last five years the use of VoIP has increased exponentially. Most systems manufactured today are VoIP ready. Another great advance in Telephony is hosted IP. Thousands of businesses run 100% of their voice communications with a managed VoIP PBX. This service works by connecting clients to a shared-tenant hosted PBX over private IP connections. Traditional PBX and Key Systems of course are still be an option. So where does this leave you? Here at Armstrong Communication Systems we have found that there is not one "best solution". Each organization has its own unique needs, and an individual solution to those needs. With our combination of industry experience and expertise in new and emerging technologies we can determine the most appropriate technology to match your organizational needs.

We offer traditional and VOIP phone systems from Avaya. The Avaya IP Office is at the cutting edge of VOIP and traditional telephony. It is compatible with traditional POTS lines, SIP, T1 and PRI circuits. Versions of the IP Office being released today can incorporate your Avaya digital and IP phones as well as Nortel digital and IP phones.

We offer traditional and VoIP phone systems from Northern Telecom. The Nortel BCM is a full-featured VoIP Telephone System that is compatible with traditional phone lines including T1 and PRI lines. The BCM can also use your Norstar Meridian Telephones so that if currently own a Norstar MICS or CICS system you can upgrade to VoIP functionality without the need to purchase new telephones or the need to learn a new system.

The Cisco UC 500 series phone system is a complete voice and networking solution that integrates desktop applications with the phone system while enabling employees to work from anywhere. Cisco is a solution provider that offers all the components necessary for VoIP, reducing complexity and implementation issues. Cisco Unified Communications (UC) offers you a proven and reliable solution that can help your business succeed.

We are pleased to announce that we have formed a strategic alliance with M5 Networks to provide hosted IP PBX services. As a Cisco Powered Network, M5 uses Cisco networking equipment, Cisco IP phones, and a hosted IP PBX to connect clients to multiple voice and data networks for local, long distance and Internet connectivity. M5 connects to clients using Verizon point-to-point T1 lines with DSL back-up.

For the past 12 years, Armstrong Communication Systems Inc. has delivered pro active solutions and services that address the unique technology needs of various organizations in the New York City Metropolitan area. By enabling clients to leverage technology, best practices and industry leading solutions, Armstrong Communication Systems Inc. allows users to concentrate on their core business and client service.

If you are located in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens or Staten Island Give us a call. We also service areas outside of New York City including Northern New Jersey, Westchester and Rockland Counties in New York.