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Converged LAN Services from Armstrong Communication Systems Inc. enable you to combine all communications across a single infrastructure. We deliver a full range of services, including voice and data hardware installation, maintenance and network management. We can provide Local Area Networks (LANs), Wide Area Networks (WANs) and IP telephony, supported by several service options - creating a package tailored to your needs. Reduce costs with converged communications.
Nortel Business Communications Manager BCM 50
Nortel Business Communications Manager BCM 50 We Install, Service and repair Nortel BCM 50 Telephone Systems in the New York City Metropolitan area. Call us today if you need T1 PRI or Voip Lines added to your Phone System. Our Maintenance Technicians cover all of the NYC metropolitain area. If we can not repair your PBX or Key System at your site we can easily replace or refurbish it. We also offer extended maintenance contracts that would cover all labor and material costs needed to keep your Telephone System in perfect operating order. Call us at 212-499-7800
Nortel BCM 50
    The Nortel BCM 50 is a full-featured VoIP Phone System that is compatible with traditional phone lines including T1 and PRI lines. The BCM 50 can use your Norstar Meridian Telephones so that if currently own a Norstar Modular ICS or Compact ICS Telephone System you can upgrade to all of the advantages of VoIP functionality and not need to purchase new telephones or learn a new system. Features & Benefits
  • The Business Communications Manager BCM 50, is designed for small sites, it has a vast array of integrated applications and features. As your business needs evolve, may activate more capabilities by entering a key code.
  • With a complete compliment of advanced Features you can process calls with reliability and efficiency. Callers receive prompt, professional treatment. Employees have the convenience of advanced telephony features that increase productivity and efficiency. The primary reasons to consider installing a Nortel BCM 50 Telephone System include:
    1. Ease of Use – VoIP Telephone Systems now provide an amazing array of advanced communication solutions that are simple to implement and easy to use. Your company will see tremendous efficiencies and productivity as new features are utilized.
    2. Simple Management – Control all elements of a multi-site voice system in a web based easy to use management interface.
    3. Application Rich advanced features– Voice over IP Systems bring data and voice communication together. Unified messaging combines voicemail and email into one easy to navigate user interface. Your phonesystem will integrate with most CRM applications.
    4. Call Processing Distribution– By distributing the ability to manage calls across a network, calls can be shared among workers at different locations including home based workers. Geographically seperate sites will function together seamlesly.
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  • BCM
  • BCM 200
  • BCM 50
  • BCM DSM 16+
  • BCM DSM 32+
  • BCM T1
  • BCM400
  • BCM4x16 COMBO
  • BCM50
  • BCM50A
  • BCM50E
  • I 2001 New York City
  • I 2002 New York
  • I 2004 Manhattan
  • IP PHONE New York City
  • KEY CODES New York Dealer
  • MODULES Refurbished and New Equipment
  • NTAB3116 BCM VoIP Gateway 2-Trunk Software Authorization Code
  • NTAB3118 BCM Unified Messaging 1-Seat Software Authorization Code
  • NTAB4071 BCM Unified Messaging 4-Seat Software Authorization Code
  • NTAB4072 BCM Unified Messaging 8-Seat Software Authorization Code
  • NTKC0007 BCM Unified Messaging 16-Seat Software Authorization Code
  • NTKC0008 BCM Unified Messaging 32-Seat Software Authorization Code
  • NTKC0010 BCM Voice Messaging 1-Seat Software Authorization Code
  • NTKC0011 BCM Voice Messaging 4-Seat Software Authorization Code
  • NTKC0012 BCM Voice Messaging 8-Seat Software Authorization Code
  • NTKC0013 BCM Voice Messaging 16-Seat Software Authorization Code
  • NTKC0014 BCM Voice Messaging 32-Seat Software Authorization Code
  • NTKC0016 BCM Voice Messaging Maximum Seat Software Authorization Code
  • NTKC0060 BCM VoIP gateway - 4 Trunk Software Authorization Code
  • NTKC0061 BCM VoIP gateway - 8 Trunk Software Authorization Code
  • NTKC0062 BCM VoIP gateway - 16 Trunk Software Authorization Code
  • NTKC0063 BCM VoIP gateway - 32 Trunk Software Authorization Code
  • NTKC0202 BCM50 Voice Messaging 1 seat Authorization Code
  • NTKC0203 BCM50 Voice Messaging 2 seat Authorization Code
  • NTKC0204 BCM50 Voice Messaging 4 seat Authorization Code
  • NTKC0205 BCM50 Voice Messaging 8 seat Authrorization Code
  • NTKC0206 BCM50 Voice Messaging 16 seat Authrorization Code
  • NTKC0207 BCM50 Unified Messaging 1 seat Authorization Code
  • NTKC0208 BCM50 Unified Messaging 2 seat Authorization Code
  • NTKC0209 BCM50 Unified Messaging 4 seat Authorization Code
  • NTKC0210 BCM50 Unified Messaging 8 seat Authorization Code
  • NTKC0211 BCM50 Unified Messaging 16 seat Authorization Code
  • NTKC0224 BCM50 VoIP Gateway 1 Trunk Authorization Code
  • NTKC0225 BCM50 VoIP Gateway 2 Trunks Authorization Code
  • NTKC0226 BCM50 VoIP Gateway 4 Trunks Authorization Code
  • NTKC0227 BCM50 VoIP Gateway 8 Trunks Authorization Code
  • NTKC0258 BCM SIP gateway - 2 Trunks Authorization Code
  • NTKC0259 BCM SIP gateway - 4 Trunks Authorization Code
  • NTKC0260 BCM SIP gateway - 8 Trunks Authorization Code
  • NTKC0261 BCM SIP gateway - 16 Trunks Authorization Code
  • NTKC0262 BCM SIP gateway - 32 Trunks Authorization Code
  • New T7100 Telephone
  • New T7208 Telephone
  • New T7316E Telephone
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For the past 12 years, Armstrong Communication Systems Inc. has delivered proactive solutions and services that address the unique technology needs of various organizations in the New York City Metropolitan area. By enabling clients to leverage technology best practices and industry leading solutions, Armstrong Communication Systems Inc. allows users to concentrate on their core business and client service.